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How to Make an Eye Catching Poster for Your Business

Posters are a great way to advertise your business or creative events. While many businesses advertise online now, posters can be a compelling way to attract an audience to your event. There’s an art to creating eye catching advertisement posters though. Should you create a large poster filled with tons of images and fonts? If you want to know how to make eye catching posters, read on for some tips.

Know Your Audience

First, you’ll need to know your audience. If you’re advertising a concert to benefit a local charity, that poster would evoke a different feeling than a business presentation for entrepreneurs at the local chamber of commerce. Make sure you understand how to make eye catching posters for the right audience. Will you be generating posters for Millennials or an older executive to a large corporation? Those are entirely different audiences, which means a concept that appeals to the correct viewer.

The Design Concept

Instead of starting with the visuals, consider the concept. Brainstorm lists of words that evoke an idea. You should start with a sketch of the concept then worry about finding the right illustrations and typography. When thinking about how to create a poster, it’s important that you start with a creative idea or concept first. Spend some extra time brainstorming before you jump into poster creation.

Easy to Read

If you are working with little to no words that need to be incorporated into the design, you can create big, bold graphics. It can include lots of space to highlight the graphic. When you’re using lots of wording on the poster, you should still create extra space between the individual letters and around the text. It should be easy to read from a distance. This makes for an eye catching poster design.

Less is More

A crowded poster will be confusing and chaotic. If you want to know how to make a poster eye catching, take a look at some examples. Often, you’ll notice that there’s more space and colour than graphics and print on successful posters. One of the best tips for making a good poster is to stick with the less is more philosophy. A simple word with great typography can have more impact than a poster filled with copy. Create poster details that will have the most impact with the fewest elements.

Create Impact with Colour

When it comes to working out how to make an eye catching poster, you can make the biggest impact with colour. The colour you use will evoke a certain mood in those who see it. That mood can be energising, bold, light or subtle depending on the colours as well as the contrast used on the poster. If you’re hoping to evoke a light, happy mood, soft colours can work beautifully. If it’s an energising, uplifting mood you’re after, a bold contrast of bright colours is perfect.

Play with Typography

Often, posters might include only colour and fonts with no graphics at all. How to create a poster often comes down to the feeling that the poster invokes, which can be done with simple typography. A handwritten playful font can be used for a fun event and an elegant event can include an italicised font. To create visual interest, choose two fonts that are contrasting. One can be used for the bold headlines and the other for the details.
There’s a lot of work behind a great poster that has a dramatic impact on its intended audience, but it’s achievable with these tips. Once you know your audience and sketch out the overall theme, you’ll be ready to pick colours that evoke emotion and typography that will enhance the poster beautifully.

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